Down On Me-


I am raising suns & orange moons

Searching for traces of God in ruins, twisted up and woven between blades of grass.

And I day dream of the past moving like molasses

Ring around the rosy around & around & around my last man.

Evaporation of so many plans. Crumble into millions, millions broken into trillions crowding, irritating every crevice of me like sand.


I miss you like I love sex on the beach.

I miss you like I love to eat a peach.

You moved me with the power of a Dr. King speech.


I’m raising suns & orange moons

I’m raising sand and hell and I might as well raise myself too.

After so much spent on raising you.

But we’re movin on up like elevators in this world baby

I descend down to get grounded to my earth, and swells of you break fourth within me and rain down on me.

Love rain down on me.


I am setting suns & blue moons

Hues of human love blend from red to rust & blue to a melancholy shade of dust.

Yet we will transcend, our heart and mind bend to reach to some higher understanding of


I get high above the city.

I sit high above the city.

Casting light, my love is plenty.

I think about the man I’ll love

And how he’ll bring me flowers, just because they’re pretty.

I sing high above the city.

Twinkling lights fade in & out as my eyes go blurry.

I smile to our mother moon

Because I know my love is coming soon.

I know

My Love

Is coming soon.