Energetic Insight for September 2015

 September is just so full! Not necessarily heavy, but none-the-less bursting at the seams.  In other words, shit is getting real.

There is so much to feel, and sift through, process, observe, and analyze.

Which is why it’s taken me almost half the month to even wrap my head around the proper place to give any kind of advice from.

I personally have seemed to fully embody the energies afoot this month. So much so that as I remember to breathe, I just have to laugh at myself! Major changes, transitions, epiphanies, and truths are finding their way to the surface now.

There is so much happening this month that there is a monumental force for change that may catch you off guard!

This month on the 23rd is the Autumnal Equinox, we transition into fall, prepare for winter and harvest what we have cultivated over the last year.  The equinox is in Libra, bringing some balance to the crazy month.

We have not only a lunar eclipse on the Harvest moon (the 27th/28th) but this is the last blood moon in a series (or a tetrad) of blood moons that we have had over the last 2 years! It also is the closest of the super moons of 2015, and people go nuts when the moon is big and close. So, there’s that.

You will most likely have (or already had) a moment of “Well, I didn’t see that one coming!”

We also have Venus go direct early in the month. And our buddy Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th until Oct 10th !

Plus about a million other things so ya’ might want to grab your cloak and crystals for the ride as we count down to the blood moon.

The new moon that just passed on September 12 in Virgo, was coupled with a solar eclipse. You may be feeling some shifting, maybe you literally feel out of sorts and wobbly. This moon may have given some of us the chance to see some clearer truths about our selves. Sometimes these lucid moments of self-awareness can be shocking/frustrating/aggravating/whatever, especially if we are presented with truths that we previously spent energy on denying.

This is a huge opportunity to learn and heal in a profound way.

What empowers and heals you?

Do those things now. Face your shadow, commit to your inner work, be willing to see and make self-adjustments.

Give yourself what you need to move more easily through this time. Some of us may be working out some very deep and layered things that could be lifetimes old. Healing karmic patterns that have previously been barriers to our evolution, can be healed and dissipated now. 

The energy that we are full of right now has been cultivating in us all year round. The shift this season will be felt most definitely after we officially move into fall and have that final blood moon eclipse- October will make sure those changes and shifts happen! Like those truths you need to face- those need to find rest by the end of October. Oh bless the season of release and magic!

If you have been thinking about/ dreaming/ manifesting a longterm goal, it is time to make it a reality rather than a day dream.

Remember how this summer had us re-assessing and evaluating our relationship with others? And how and who we are in those relationships? Well, the lunar eclipse in Aries on the (Super Blood Moon) 28th gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves about how our relationship with ourselves affects our other relationships.

Awareness and  willingness to release are crucial right now.  Sacrifice the things that only serve the ego (need for status/importance/power/approval).

If we accept the awakening coming, we may see a completely new potential we hadn’t yet realized in ourselves! Seek out the life you want, or you will eventually be forced to change.  Now we can open ourselves to a new way of interacting with our world.

Relationships are still a theme right now. A few different cosmic energies are playing with this right now. The sun sextile Saturn is going to be helpful during this energetically abundant time by lending us some patience and logic. Even though the retrograde and moon may be making us feel crazy on one level, find solace in the knowledge that there is part of your consciousness that is aware of practicality and assessing the long term goal.

You may be assessing what qualities are important to you in a future partner.

The sun is also working with Mercury closely which will help us with our insight, helping us choose what to reassess during Mercury’s retrograde.

So here are the stones I suggest to work with this month- and don’t worry that it’s already half way through the month because we are really in preparation of the blood moon and the shifts it is bringing.

I have already written about black tourmaline this summer, so I won’t add it again here, but it’s a good one to keep close now as well.

1.     Rose Quartz- Quartz crystal is always anamplifier, and rose quartz directly deals with our heart center. This crystal can help us with the internal work we are doing around our relationship with ourselves and how that translates into our relationships with other. Rose quartz aids in healing the heart chakra and realigning us with our personal truth. It helps release anger and those things that serve the ego (jealousy/fear/resentment etc). It allows us to release, and forgive.

2.     Blue (or Black) Kyanite- What I love about this stone is the physical formation of it. It is created in these compressed long lines, I don’t know how to explain it, look at the picture. But because of this, it is one of those stones good for alignment! It’s a powerful stone to use for the 3rd eye (6th chakra) as well as the throat (5th) chakra. This stone helps you speak and know your personal truth! Insight, truth, intuition, communication, expression, things we are being asked to work on cosmically this month (and going into October too). Black Kyanite is ultra grounding, so empaths tend to use it. 

3.     Aquamarine- I don’t know if this is really the 3rd stone I would have picked for this month, but for some reason it keeps coming up for me, so here it is. This stone resonates with the energy of the ocean, which is directly related to our emotions and the moon- so I guess it makes sense now to use it.  This stone works with the throat chakra as well for self expressions. It also promotes courage and protection, inner knowledge and clarity of thought. Aquamarine allows you to look at emotional situation from another perspective. It promotes logic and intuition. It also works with the heart chakra in helping you see/hear/feel your most inner truth.  This stone can also help catalyze or facilitate the releasing of old patterns. You know that karmic stuff we need to not brush under the rug before this blood moon? Here, meditate with aquamarine leading up to and during the eclipse.

As always, you can find these stones at any kind of esoteric shop. If you want to support a small business I have two friends that work with crystals, here are their Etsy links for you to peruse!




**This article was originally written for and appeared in DeVour Magazine**