Stillbite for January 2016

This year has already got to a very interesting start. Off the bat, on the 5th we go into mercury retrograde, planets align, and Capricorn and fire energy shows us more below the surface.

January is the month to set your intention for the year. Hunker down and get to business, get organized and up to speed because you want to set that kind of energy in motion to propel you through the year.

Astrologer Sarah Varcas explains that this year will hold people accountable. Reality will expose the truth to us.  I understand this as situation. Sometimes even when truth is blatantly in front of us, our environment or situation may make it easy to choose denial. Denial will not be much of an option this year, which I love because that means productivity!

January 3rd we have Mars in Scorpio- forcing change. Mars may be scared of real change, but its energy is so strong it will eventually break free from its pent up confines and propel us towards something new.

Mercury is retrograde from the 5-25th. Mercury is a funny guy. People always say things like, “It feels like Mercury is always retrograde.” Its not, only a few times a year, it just seems to be the most memorable/ felt planetary effect by everyone.

New (on the 9th) and Full (on the 23rd) moons this month, are in fire signs. Aries and Leo both will be very illuminating for us. Leo is a bit cocky but lends us some confidence to step onto the stage that is 2016, to be present and to deliver. The full moon reminds us to take care of ourselves, the energy of Leo within the retrograde could be agitating- remember to practice patience with others and yourself.

When Mercury goes direct on the 25th we can really jump into action.

For the first time in a decade, 5 planets- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be aligned in the morning sky and actually stay visible until around the 20th of February.

Last night (the 21st) I was sitting with my witchy sister and said something along the lines of, “I don’t know what happened in the last 2 days but something shifted.” Both my roommate and I got great new job opportunities, and a few other people in my life became aware of some very cool ventures on the horizon.

She said, “5 planets aligned. Didn’t you know that?”

Oh, right. Ok, well I felt that.


The stone I chose to work with for the month is STILLBITE.

It’s a funny name isn’t it? I find word irony in “still-bite” to start the year, like “it’s cool, you can still take a bite out of life!”

This stone is usually white or yellowish and clustered.  It has a loving and supportive vibration that I feel is just the nurturing energy we may need to meditate with as we set into truth, action and awareness this month. It is a highly creative stone that opens intuition and aids in traveling, whether physically or in spiritual realms.

As a healer, stillbite is a powerful detoxifier. Which on a mundane level, after the holidays and heading into the New Year, we could all used some detoxifying- on all levels, all bodies.

Go forth into this year with confidence and honesty, you got this!